The Hole in the Wall

You and your friends are in the old Wild West, a tormented land, full of conflicts, robberies, and crimes. The famous Wild Bunch, led by Butch Cassidy, are very notorious for the robberies they had over the years. One of their favorite place for hiding the loots was the famous Hole in the Wall. And deep there, they managed to hide their biggest loot, consisting of money and gold, which will value a fortune if found.

There is only one map that could get you there. And this map is hidden in Butch Cassidy’s shack.
But there is a problem. The sheriff and his men are looking for the same treasure. And they are ready to do anything it takes to put their hands on it.
So you and your friends have only one hour to find the map and get out before the policemen will find you and put you to jail.

Are you ready to face the challenge and get out victorious?